Structural Engineering Services

Why Use PKT

  • Chartered Engineers With 30 Years of Experience
  • Serving All County Dublin Areas
  • Catering To Commercial & Residential Clients
  • Many New Clients Come From Referrals
  • Friendly and Straight Talking Approach
  • Members of Engineers Ireland and FEANI

Our Clients Feedback

I have used PKT on a number of occasions for site surveys, drawings, engineering reports, fire certs and general advice. I have always found them professional, competent, resourceful and extremely helpful in all the dealings I've had with the company. I still use PKT services on various projects and would recommend them highly.”

Donncha Lynch, NRS Ltd.

Structural Engineering For New & Existing Structures

For new and existing developments, our engineers provide complete services in Civil Engineering and Structural Engineering from initial concept to project handover:

  1. Structural Design of New Builds / Refurbishment
  2. Residential extensions to large Commercial
  3. Conservation Engineering of period structures
  4. Retaining Walls & Structures
  5. Feasibility studies
  6. Crack monitoring
  7. Underpinning design
  8. Initial Scheme design through to tender and detailed design
  9. Site Services & Ground Investigations to assess the suitability of soils for foundations
  10. Feasibility of Site Development Options
  11. Alternative structural design & solutions
  12. Review of Applications from prospective Tenders,
  13. Construction Site Supervision and Quality Control with Regular Inspections
  14. Health & Safety Planning & and relevant Health & Safety Documentation
  15. Temporary Works Design
  16. Reviewing Engineering designs
  17. Final Certification

For each option we examine the range of feasible solutions before advising on the most appropriate cost effective structural engineering solution. We work closely with the Client’s Architects / Surveyors/ Building Contractors to ensure that the most cost effective design is prepared for the Client.

Call 01 491 2415 today or email to get a quotation and advice about any structural engineering services that you require.

Remedial Works

We can provide detailed plans, scope of works and specifications for repair works for problems such as Fire, Flood, Subsidence. We also carry out interim inspections to ensure the works are completed in line with specification by the contractor.

Structural Reports

Structural reports are required when an individual encounters structural problems with their property. The issues may range from structural cracks, Subsidence, fire and flood damage or other building defects. The building inspection focuses on the investigation of structural defects and reporting to the client on what repair works are required. Our experienced structural engineers can produce a detailed structural report outlining the issues, solutions and aproximate costings of the building repairs. Below you can see a common list of defects for which we are regularly asked to create a structural report on:

  • Subsidence
  • Dilapidations
  • Structural cracking to interior and external structure.
  • Fire and storm Damage
  • Flood damage
  • Accident damage
  • Roof leakage
  • Water ingress
  • Damage due to leaking drains
  • Drainage issues
  • Condensation problems
  • Expansion Cracking
  • Cavity Wall Tie Corrosion
  • Corrosion of Metal Built into Walls
  • Vibration of Built in Fixings
  • Roof Spread
  • Springing from Deflected Beams
  • Lack of Lateral Stability
  • Lack of Lateral Stability in Modern Gable Walls
  • Overloaded Beams
  • Absence of Lintels (Beams) Over Openings in Cavity Walls
  • Overloaded Floors
  • Overloaded Walls
  • Differential Movement
  • Arch Thrust and Arch Flattening
  • Load Path Cracking
  • Bulging of Walls due to Decay of Bonding Timbers
  • Bulging and Separation in Solid Brick Walls
  • Floor Slab Settlement (Compaction)
  • Load Concentrations
  • Sulphate Attack
  • Concrete Block Shrinkage

Structural report cost varies depending on the age of building, size of building , type of report required and location. Call 01 491 2415 today or email for a quotation.

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